Foster The People in Buenos Aires

This weekend was absolutely amazing. On Friday we went to an enchanting show of Foster The People in Buenos Aires city and on Saturday I had a chance to meet the bands’ leader, a true artist Mark Foster. The show was beyond amazing, even after two days, it’s hard to put it into words. Mark and the band had created some genuine connection with the audience so you could feel it in the air, in the echo of the singing crowd and even in your goosebumped skin. What is more, Mark Foster sent a very beautiful message full of love and peace.

I’ve been listening to Foster The People since their beginning, I feel as if I grew up with the band and its ideas. Today, after singing out loud with other FTP fans and hearing Mr Foster say: “Todos somos familia” my soul feels weightless and my mind is clearer than ever.

Their music has the power to change. To change for the better. To inspire for love and kindness.

Thank you for creating such a meaningful music and for spreading peace and love all around the world.